Regardless of the reason or the age, once a guy re-enters the shark tank known as the dating scene, thoughts inevitably turn to snagging a younger woman.

What that really means is the man wants a stunningly beautiful babe – a 10 on anyone’s scale – someone who swoons over her man, lounges around the pool all day nearly naked, and at night cannot touch him enough.

The man may be as old as Methuselah, but a guy figures: “Hey, I’m cool. I’m virile. There are plenty of women out there, so why not snag a younger one?

“If Hollywood moguls and industry tycoons can do it, why can’t I?” they ask, conveniently ignoring the obvious answers.

So, off they go with women five, ten, 15 or 20 years their junior.

Some forays into juvenile dating wind up quite satisfying for both parties.

Nothing stokes a fragile male ego more than strutting about with delicious eye candy clinging to his arm. Plus, some young women appreciate attention from an older man, appreciate the experience and the worldliness he may have to offer, appreciate … the money or a sense of security.

The stares and whispers that trail after them become proof of the woman’s sensuality and the man’s virility. Sometimes they even live happily ever after.

More often than not, however, a stark reality soon emerges.

What in the dickens will they talk about when the passion fades?

For example, I’ve been fortunate to have led a life complete with adventure and plenty of travel. My activities have taken me to all corners of the globe and exposed me to a multitude of lifestyles. My attitudes and view of the world were formed from those experiences.

While not all women my age have been as fortunate or share all my views, we at least remember similar global events and, in one way or another, have a shared perspective.

Women who are 15 or more years younger, were in elementary school while I was taking on the challenges of an editor’s job and settling into a new residence in Japan. Yes, my stories may leave them enthralled and sometimes even in wonder. Then again, I believe tales told by their grandfather might have a similar effect.

There is hope for a spring/autumn relationship if the younger woman shares the older man’s sense of adventure and is willing to go where he has yet to explore. At least that way the pair could experience something new together, assuming the old geezer can keep up.

In too many instances, however, there’s always a lingering feeling of being out of synch, a sense that something needs to be said, yet neither party has a clue as to what is missing.

This happens less frequently when there are only a few years separating the man and woman.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m as susceptible to the wile and guiles of a younger woman as the next guy. Indeed, I believe love can have no age limit, although I personally have said I’d date no one who either of my sons might consider to be relationship material. Even the thought of it feels somewhat cockeyed.

Since one of them likes older women, that rule keeps my interest limited to women who are closer to my age than his.

And, that just feels like the right way to go.

Happy speed dating!

by David R. Walker