Karalee Austin, owner of Simply The Best Singles, presented a successful dance/mixer with guest star Pete Peterkin who performed for one hour with impersonations of famous singers.  The 172 attendees were mesmerized as they watched this fantastic talent who proved to all of us why he was a finalist in the hit TV show  “America’s Got Talent.”   The event was at the Riverwalk Golf Club in Mission Valley.


It sure seemed like a lot of people were hitting it off! A couple of nights later I ran into a few of the attendees and they were all fans of yours :-)  I had a nice time (as always)! Your events are always fun with a great vibe.  (Riverwalk Dance/Mixer 10.4.14)

Your event was great!  Thank you so much for the picture and I am enjoying your book.  You’re the best!  Keep me in mind for matches:)” (Riverwalk Dance/Mixer 10.4.14)