KUSI TV – 2013
Karalee Austin appeared as a singles expert on the 6:30 p.m. news

Renovation Behind the Scenes – 2010
Karalee Austin was the Interviewer of this documentary that aired on Channel 1 Yuma.

“YUMAN LIFE” – 2009 – 2010
Karalee Austin was the host of this weekly TV show in Yuma, Arizona.

ATTRACTION – 2007 – 2008

Karalee Austin hosted No Waiting Dating’s TV show, ”Attraction” for one year on Time Warner’s Cable TV program. It aired in the San Fernando Valley as well as Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale and Santa Monica areas. It was an exciting fun, informative and interactive show about singles, for singles and with singles. The show was for others to get to know the singles interviewed.

KTLA TV – Valentine Cruise Endless Dream Boat – February 14, 2008
Karalee Austin was a special guest on KTLA’s Valentine Cruise where she was interviewed and conducted a speed dating event.

Another Chance for Romance – 2008

Karalee Austin was a special guest and helped to cast this dating show hosted by Roger Lodge (former host of Blind Date) featuring seniors in search of love and companionship as they jump – heart first – into the world of dating. Viewers are brought along for a ride on this entertaining “love train” as seniors are coupled and sent on blind dates.

John Solari – The Method Actor Speaks – 2008

Karalee Austin is the featured guest on “The Method Actor Speaks” hosted by John Solari. Karalee Austin is the creator of No Waiting Dating. She sold the business in 2008 to Adam Elias. He continues to offer events for singles of all ages. Visit and to see clips of the shows.

Mind Over Matter – February 9, 2007
Karalee Austin appeared several times as a special guest on this popular show for Time Warner’s Cable TV station. Her topic was on DATING and finding that special person.

NBC TV – EXTRA TV – America’s Most Eligible – May 26, 2007
Karalee Austin, owner of No Waiting Dating, was interviewed and filmed as she conducted a speed dating event at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. There were 12 men and 12 women who participated.

NBC TV – EXTRA TV – May 6, 2006
No Waiting Dating was featured on EXTRA on Saturday, May 6, 7:00 p.m., on NBC. EXTRA TV chose to film No Waiting Dating’s speed dating event at the Sportsmen’s Lodge on Wednesday, April 26. EXTRA entered Isis (below) so that she could meet 13 men! The night was so much FUN as there were 12 women and 13 men who participated in this exciting event.

SCI FI TV Psychic Char Show – February 1, 2006
On February 1, 2006, the Sci Fi TV Channel filmed a No Waiting Dating speed dating event at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. They entered Char, a psychic, who was seeking her “match.” The speed dating event is to air in April on her show which runs on the Sci Fi TV channel. Not only did Char meet and talk to 13 men, she also gave several people “readings.” This was a very exciting and fun-filled evening for the 13 men and 13 women who attended.

”The Adam Carolla Project” – July 26, 2005
The Adam Carolla Project entered two of Adam’s single employees into a No Waiting Dating speed dating event at BLUE in Agoura Hills. The men, Steve and Ray, attended to find that “special” person. It was a fun night and Steve had two matches. The event was filmed and later broadcast on Adam’s show for TLC/Discovery Channel.

Fox TV – Tyra Banks Talk Show – October 4, 2005
Veronica Wahba from No Waiting Dating will be on The Tyra Banks Show this Tuesday, October 4th, at 10:00 a.m. on Fox Television or 5:00 p.m. on UPN. Veronica was chosen over many girls to participate in this exciting new talk show on “singles.”


Conversations at Leon’s – Love Strategies That Work! – September 2007
Karalee Austin spoke on the subject of Love Strategies That Work. After observing 5,000+ singles as they met for the first time, she learned what it “takes” to be successful in finding a match.

Conversations at Leon’s – Five Basic Steps to be Successful in Finding Your Mate – March 1, 2007
Karalee Austin was invited as a special guest to speak at Conversations at Leon’s in Sherman Oaks. Ms. Austin gave her views on the five basic steps she discovered that singles have used over the years at her singles events that led to them finding a soulmate.

Stephen S. Wise Temple – Love Strategies That Work! – September 27, 2006
The Social Circle of the Stephen S. Wise Temple presents Karalee Austin, owner and chief executive officer of No Waiting Dating, Inc., as she shares insight and knowledge she’s learned from observing and helping 3,000 singles in their search for a ”match.” Learn the five basic steps to take in finding LOVE!

Calabasas Inn – Love Strategies That Work! – February 28, 2007

Karalee Austin was the featured speaker at this seminar on LOVE. Her subject matter was on Love Strategies That Work based on what she has learned by running No Waiting Dating, a popular singles organization based in Los Angeles. There were approximately 45 people who attended the seminar.

Conversations at Leon’s – How To Raise Your Odds of Finding Love – December 1, 2006
Karalee Austin was invited as a special guest to speak on the subject of How to Raise Your Odds of Finding Love. The event was held at the private home of Conversations at Leon’s in Sherman Oaks, a popular meeting place for singles to learn about a variety of subjects.


Jeff Levy Talk Show – March 14, 2004
Karalee Austin, owner of No Waiting Dating, was interviewed by Jeff Levy at the Balboa Bay Club & Resort in Newport Beach for broadcast on KNX 1070 Newsradio. Ms. Austin also conducted a mini-speed dating event.

KRLA Radio – May 15, 2006
Karalee Austin voiced a Public Service Announcement urging drivers not to “drink and drive. The PSA ran on KRLA, 870 AM, the Legendary News Talk Radio Station, May 15 through May 19.

Maria Sanchez Radio Show – August 18, 2006
Karalee Austin, CEO/President of No Waiting Dating, Inc., was interviewed as a special guest on the Maria Sanchez Morning Show on 1590 AM Radio on August 18, 2006 at 7:00 a.m. Ms. Austin shared her ”insight” into the singles world and discussed the challenges of running a successful singles organization.

Carol Allen Internet Radio Show – October 22, 2006
Special Guest, Karalee Austin, on the benefits of speed dating.

Ventura County Star – Jason Love – So It Goes: A fast look at meeting someone to relate to
I always thought that speed dating was something you did with the colorful girls on Sunset Boulevard. Turns out there’s another, more organized system right here in town: No Waiting Dating, ‘upscale speed dating with class and style.’

I know, it sounds like a crock of Fiber One, but owner Karalee Austin runs the show like a Southern belle, classy-smashy all the way down to champagne by the spitting lions.

Dress was upscale, but I think that men should be left to their own devices. That way, women can see what they’re getting.

‘Hmm. Sandals with tube socks NEXT!’

As it stands, women begin each date with a standard security question: ‘Did anyone help you get dressed for tonight’s event?’

I went on Single Parents Night at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza. I myself am not technically a parent, but No Waiting Dating made room. Some of the women were familiar with my work and wanted to know me on a first-name basis. That is, they refused to give their last names. So it goes. Dating was way easier in grade school when, if you liked a girl, all you had to do was stick gum in her hair.


That’s Karalee’s bell. When she rings, you move, midsentence if necessary. You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Karalee’s bell.

Cynthia was my first date. She thought that I was gay. ‘No,’ I said. ‘It’s not a purse; it’s a messenger bag. I bought it in a men’s store.’ Cynthia made a note on her sheet. My first demerit.


If dating is like a job interview, then speed dating is a job fair. You get five minutes to explain your resume. Yes, I was with Tanya from May to August. Why did we break up? I’m afraid she was downsizing. Since then I’ve mainly been temping.’

Next came Sarah, who might have misunderstood the concept of ‘speed dating’ and showed up high on speed. I didn’t understand everything Sarah said, but she seemed to be working on product placement. ‘I work out at the gym, and these 28-year-olds think they’re ready for me while they’re still driving Saturns.’ If you want the full experience, you’ll have to omit the spaces between her words.


Enter Sharon with her sexy Siren laugh. Alas, Sharon and her son ‘come as a package,’ and Sharon felt that I, childless freak, could not relate. She wasn’t after Mr. Right but Mr. Brady. So the lovely Ms. Sharon and I argued pens versus pencils, and would you believe that she promotes the latter? To me — a professional! She asked to borrow my pen ‘just to see,’ and I told her not on the first date.

So, yes, lots of women, little fireworks. But then what could you expect after speed dating? Fast-food dinner? A lifetime of quickies? ‘You knew I was in a hurry from the beginning!’


Paula sat down in a cloud of sandalwood. She had tried and, but speed dating allows her to ‘see if a man is psycho.’ I rebutted with the example of Ted Bundy, a charming and articulate serial killer. ‘For all we know,’ I said, ‘you could be a serial killer. I would be surprised, but only for one horrifying second.’ Paula’s daughter was herself a surprise. Neither Paula nor the daddy thought that they could have children until one crazy night in Las Vegas. The moral: Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


All these callers made me feel like Puff Daddy or Donald Trump or that guy who sings ‘Mambo No. 5′: ‘a little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my side. ‘

Then, on my 10th and final date, She walked in: Andrea. Shiver me timbers. Andrea had the posture of a gymnast and wispy, professional-woman hair. She extended a manicured hand and introduced herself as Special Agent No. 10. She had a sense of humor! Karalee peeked over to make sure that both feet were on the ground. Andrea wore glasses, but only to ward off men who can’t spell savoir fare savoire fair er, savwah. ‘You’d be surprised at the overall intelligence level,’ she said. At the end of our meeting, Andrea pointed to my chart and said, ‘You’ll check me on your sheet.’ A statement, not a question.


When you’re young, you know what you’re after. Your mate needs to be skinny, rich, Capricorn. As you get older, standards start to sag. Your partner doesn’t have to be rich so much as employed, skinny so much as upright. Finally, all you notice is the ring finger. Funny how rings tell the world where we stand: A ring on your finger means that you’re married; rings beneath your eyes mean that you have children.

I decided to ask Andrea on a date before she got to know me better. She agreed and said that we’d go Dutch. I assume that means she’ll wear a pointy hat and I my wooden clogs. I just hope that she can get the gum out of her hair.

“Enlightening Relationships” – October 21, 2006
This week on “Enlightening Relationships” join Eric and Carol Allen as they interview Karalee Austin, founder of “No Waiting Dating, Inc.” a matchmaking singles organization featured on television’s “Extra” that specializes in Speed Dating, Singles Events, Singles Cruises, International Matches, and more. Karalee swears that Speed Dating is a very efficient, fun, successful way to meet other singles, with over half the attendees making a mutual match. She hosts Speed Dating Events sure to please anyone – those for Christians seeking Christians, Older Men Seeking Younger Women, Older Women Seeking Younger Men, Jews seeking Jews, and Men seeking Asian Women. So, see? You don’t just have to wait! You have to Speed Date! So put on your racing goggles, tune in, call in, and be enlightened!

Brentwood Newspaper – A Chance for Romance: A Westside Guide to True Love – February 1, 2006
(The following article appeared in the Bel-Air View, Beverly Hills 90210, Brentwood News, Malibu Beach, Palisades 90272 and the Santa Monica Sun in the month of February 2006.)

The wingman approach is being cultivated by dating services like No Waiting Dating that provides a man or woman to accompany a dater to bars or events for the sake of running interference.

According to Karalee Austin, founder and CEO of No Waiting Dating Inc., if someone is too shy to approach a person they find attractive, they can hire a wingman/wingwoman to find out if they are 1) single and 2) interested in meeting. If yes, then the wingman/wingwoman will bring them back and personally introduce them. “It’s a great way for people to be introduced who might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet,” Austin says. “The wingman/wingwoman can also be used to accompany someone who does not want to attend a social event alone.”

Dr. Dan, a physician who has been sponsoring invitation-only parties for baby-boomer singles each month for years, believes he has been successful in creating a relaxed and informal environment for new introductions. “Your attitude is always an important factor when meeting people,” Dr. Dan says. Dating is what you make it.” Dr. Dan encourages his regulars to bring friends, especially women with men friends for other women. “These parties make meeting new people easier and without them some of those who attend would have no social life at all,” he says.

For those who want to escalate the process of meeting, speed dating (where singles sit across from one another for a brief interview seeking that “quick click”) is a hot new trend. Austin, who created No Waiting Dating after meeting her boyfriend at a speed dating event, believes the process is another viable option for connecting. “This has been tremendously successful – overwhelming, actually,” this modern matchmaker declares. “There are so many single people nowadays and we’ve expanded our business to a “One Stop Shop for LOVE.” Her services include upscale speed dating, online dating site, personal matchmaking, wingman/wingwoman services, dances, seminars and business referrals catering to singles. Speed daters admitted the method was virtually painless. One male attendee said “what you see is what you get. There is no hiding in speed dating.”

Austin says she has found that people who attend her events are usually quite attractive or at least very comfortable with themselves. “There is nothing like ‘chemistry’ and that can only be discovered in person. With speed dating, you will meet up to 14 singles at one time and spend a few minutes with each person to determine if you want to get to know them better,” Austin declares.

Two women at the event confessed they hadn’t met Mr. Right, but if nothing else they had some great stories to share with friends. They also relished the ability to instantly size up a potential partner’s “vibes.” A man who had attended eight speed dating events said he remained optimistic and would rather meet someone face to face.

“Speed dating and personal matchmaking is, in my opinion, a better way to find a match,” Austin concludes. “Hiring a personal matchmaker can be very effective for those who simply do not have the time to get out there themselves. We can do a better job in matching because we meet up to 300 singles a month at our speed dating events. Not only do we ‘see’ these people in person, we also get an idea of the type of person they’re interested in by knowing whom they choose at the event.”

Speed dating is mechanical and highly organized. Snacks and drinks are provided and singles mingle, checking one another out before sitting down for the actual one on one. Austin registers participants and assigns them a number, then seats the women at numbered tables. The men also receive numbers and each person is given a folder, form and pen for note taking and listing preferred matches.

Couples meet and talk for four or five minutes until Austin rings a bell and they change tables. At the end of the evening they turn in the forms, keep a duplicate and await a call or email from Austin about any match ups.

One man said he feels discouraged at times because the women he selects don’t always choose him. But he prefers the instantaneous nature of the process because of horror stories about Internet dating friends had shared.

Valley Scene Magazine – No Waiting Dating – September 16, 2005
For singles, age 25 and older, if living that hectic lifestyle on the go where there’s no time to date, let alone chat with an acquaintance for 15 minutes, try “No Waiting Dating!”

Serving L.A., San Fernando Valley and Ventura County, No Waiting Dating has an effective and unique service available for meeting that certain someone with a variety of resources and services including: speed dating events, personal matchmaking, online dating, wingman/wingwoman services for scouting out singles at functions, and provide a variety of helpful articles based on the subject of dating and finding the right mate, i.e., “Men Wanting Younger Women,” “Judging a Book by its Cover,” “Women using Men,” etc.

No Waiting Dating was founded and managed by Karalee Austin, a dynamic entrepereneur who has an extensive background in business, film, radio and entertainment. In just its second year of operation, No Waiting Dating already offers multiple opportunities for singles to meet someone special at a wide range of events held throughout the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, West L.A., and Marina Del Rey.

No Waiting Dating is the only dating service to offer speedy, convenient, inexpensive events for men and women of older ages from 25 to 72. Whatever are the specific traits desired, No Waiting Dating caters to almost all categories and specific interests. The division of No Waiting Dating called “Matchmaker of the Heart” is a specialized, highly personal service offered at affordable prices with amazing, indisputable results.

There are also many fun and entertaining events planned for singles including Singles Dances hosted at a variety of locations and Singles Seminars, held with three to four speakers on a variety of topics that are of interest to singles in the dating arena.

No matter what the desire, with success stories from all over Southern California, No Waiting Dating, the one stop shop for singles, has everything and more to begin that journey for all singles to find their life partner and start living.

Acorn Newspaper – Speed Dating Works for Busy Bodies – September 1, 2005
FLEETING MOMENT – Dana Rheaume, left a project manager with two children and not much free time for socializing, gets introduced to speed dating at a recent gathering at the Westlake Hyatt. Sixteen men and 16 women pay $40 for the opportunity to spend five minutes with each other in a neutral environment to see if “something clicks.” Each person has a tally sheet to keep track of details of their “dates” and note if they would like to meet the other person again in the near future.